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“We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.”

-Henry Youngman



Galavant is a company born into a family of travelers with a love for unique finds, specifically for our homes to remind us of that special trip we took together. As we grew older and went through the experiences of moving and downsizing as we traded our suburbian homes for small city apartments, we got a feel for all the impractical or no longer trendy items we were forced to leave behind. From there on out, it became an enjoyable challenge to hunt for items that would be as timeless as our memories that we would want to take with us in the event we moved or changed décor yet again.

For years we've crafted the art of choosing pieces with an ethnic or indigenous flair that will also go well with our modern homescapes and were as interchangeable with our interiors as our desire to visit a new country.


About Our Products

All of our products are hand curated in limited quantities, and we keep in mind that everyone has different styles for their interiors. This is why we try as much as possible to source a range of fun products as well as clean patterns and neutral colors to blend with any homescape. We also know how hard it is to buy gifts for friends and family as well, so our collection has a range of items that would fit into a crisp palette or blend as another unique piece in a colorful homescape.



Responsably Sorced Products

Product Ethics


Learn How You Can Help

Here at Galavant, we have always recognized that we are very fortunate to live in a country with many readily available resources and basic rights that cannot be argued. In other countries, this is not necessarily the case. We may have disagreements with many things in our country, but we cannot argue that there are many countries where opportunity doesn’t come as easily as it does here in the United States.

Many different circumstances make it hard for people to provide for their families. It could be working long hours and spending more time away from their families than with them for lack of choice. In some cases, risking their lives to put food on the table every day, because basic regulations on work conditions don’t exist in these countries.


This is why we choose to give back to the communities that we source from. Galavant donates a portion of every sale to a non-profit that not only provides micro-financing for women in third world countries to start a business, but also the education they need to ensure their success so they can have a means of providing for their families that does not involve settling for unfair working conditions and/or compensation.